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       Delectable, p.21

         Part #9 of Neighbor from Hell series by R. L. Mathewson

  was driving her out of her freaking mind and making it hard for her to think about anything besides pushing his pants down and putting an end to this torture. He might be a virgin, but he knew exactly what he was doing, which was a hell of a lot more than she could say about herself at the moment.

  The realization made her smile, because for once, her past didn’t matter. That smile quickly disappeared with a gasp when Reese shifted so that the hard ridge of his erection hit her just right.

  Once he ripped that gasp from her, he didn’t stop until he got another one, and another one and soon she was digging her nails into his back and screaming his name as an orgasm took her by surprise and tore through her, leaving her boneless in his arms.

  Wrapping her arms around him, she buried her face against his shoulder as she struggled to catch her breath while the last strands of pleasure rippled through her body. She didn’t notice when he pulled her away from the wall or carried her into her room and laid her on the bed, but she definitely noticed when he buried his face back between her legs and slid his tongue inside her.


  He was a fucking idiot, he thought as he slid his tongue inside her, ripping another moan from her as he reached down and struggled to open his fly. His hands wouldn’t stop shaking so that he could get the damn zipper open. He’d never wanted anything more than he wanted her right now and if he didn’t get these damn pants off soon he wasn’t sure that he was going to survive.

  When she ran her hands over his head, moaning his name as she rolled her hips, riding his tongue, he nearly fucking lost it. At any other time, with any other woman, he would have been able to free himself without a problem. He would have enjoyed the way she moved beneath him, the way she rode his tongue and moaned his name as he wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked himself, but with Kasey there was no more waiting and his body knew it.

  She was the one and his body was definitely on board with what was happening. Somehow he managed to finally free himself. The first stroke had him cursing, the second had him dropping his hand away and pressing one last kiss against her clit. Before he knew what he was doing, he was moving up her body and kissing her.

  He kissed her as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly against him as she spread her legs further apart, welcoming him, and driving him out of his fucking mind. When his cock brushed up against her slit he cursed and shifted, unable to help himself, he ground himself against her, each time more desperate than the last.

  She moaned in his arms, held on tightly to him as the kiss turned wild and he was helpless to do anything more than kiss her back as each shift of his hips brought his cock closer to where it wanted to be until finally the head of his cock was exactly where it needed to be. The next time he shifted his hips he was pushing inside her.

  Pulling back from the kiss that was going to end this before it began, he opened his eyes and gazed down at the beautiful blue eyes staring back at him. Licking his lips, he continued to push inside her, watching her as the tightest grip that he’d ever experienced enveloped him in a hot, wet sheath. Just when he didn’t think that he could take it anymore, he realized that he was buried to the hilt.

  She felt so good, so fucking good, he thought, licking his lips as he watched her, needing to make sure that this was good for her. When she cupped the back of his neck and pulled him down for another kiss, he willingly went to her as he slowly pulled out, nearly losing it as the move caused his cock to get caressed in a whole new way.

  With a groan, he pushed back in, loving the way that she gasped so he did it again. Terrified that this was going to end before it really began, he grabbed hold of the comforter and moved, taking his time as he fucked her, savoring every squeeze of her sheath, moan and whimper that she made as he moved inside her.

  Definitely worth the wait, he decided as he buried his face against her shoulder, struggling to hold onto some semblance of control, but soon even that became difficult until finally he gave in to the pleasure ripping through his body and he found himself thrusting harder and harder, her moans and pleas for him to fuck her harder egging him on until he thought that he was going to lose his fucking mind.

  Just when he didn’t think that he could take it anymore he felt it, her sheath tightening around him, threatening to break him in two as she cried out, screaming his name as she dragged him into oblivion and he willingly went.

  Chapter 37

  Trying to catch her breath, she curled up on her side and stared at the wall while she waited for the regret and the grief over Michael to slam into her and tear her apart, but it never came and that broke her heart. She should feel something, remorse, anger, denial, something! But, she didn’t and that kind of scared her, because it could only mean one thing.

  She’d finally let Michael go.

  Before she could panic, Reese was there, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer and the panic was...gone.

  “You were definitely worth the wait,” he said, smiling as he kissed her shoulder, making it hard not to return his smile.

  “No regrets?” she asked, worrying her bottom lip as she waited for his answer, because she realized that she didn’t have any.

  He’d definitely been worth the wait.

  “None,” he whispered as he pressed another kiss against her shoulder, shifting so that she knew exactly how happy he was at the moment.

  Surprised that she could smile right now, she playfully wiggled her bottom, laughing when he growled. Her laughter ended when he kissed the side of her neck as his hand moved over her stomach, holding her against him as that large erection that she’d thought was a good idea to tease a second ago rubbed against her bottom, tearing a surprised moan from her lips.

  “Are you trying to tell me something?” she asked, smiling as she reached back and placed her hand on his hip, holding him close, and surprised to find that he was still wearing pants.

  “I might be,” he said, chuckling as he kissed her again while he moved his hand south and-

  “Oh, god,” she gasped, licking her lips as his finger teased her slit.

  “Turn over,” he sad softly, making her lick her lips even as she moved to do just that only to have him stop her with another kiss and a stroke of his finger when she moved to roll over onto her back. “On your stomach, sweetheart.”

  “You’re kind of bossy,” she noted with a moan as he rewarded her with another stroke of his finger.

  “Yes, I am,” he said against her shoulder as he pulled his hand away and placed it on her bottom, giving it a possessive squeeze as he pressed a kiss against the middle of her back, making her gasp. “Turn over.”

  Trembling, she slowly exhaled as she rolled over onto her stomach, licking her lips in pleasure as he rewarded her with a kiss on her other shoulder as his hand moved to the other cheek and gave it another squeeze. Not knowing what else to do, she folded her arms beneath her head, more than a little excited to see where he was going with this.

  “You remember that backrub that I gave you at my parents’ house?” he asked, skimming his hand gently over her back as he gave her shoulder another kiss.

  “Yes,” she said, because there was no way that she was ever going to forget that night and the way that it had felt when he’d touched her.

  His hand skimmed down her back and over one cheek before skimming back up the other, leaving her licking her lips, and making her want more. He kissed her shoulder and her neck before his lips brushed against her ear as he slid his hand between her legs and ran his finger over her slit and whispered, “This is what I wanted to do that night.”


  “Mmmmm,” came the moan that had his cock jerking against his stomach as he kissed her shoulder.

  “You like that?” he asked, tracing her wet slit with his fingertips as he pressed another kiss against her shoulder.

  “Yes,” she said, watching him with those beautiful blue eyes of hers as he leaned down and kissed her cheek before pulling bac
k so that he could watch her as he teased her slit.

  “Spread your legs for me, sweetheart,” he said softly, kissing her arm when she did as he’d asked.

  Keeping his eyes locked with hers, he turned his hand and slid a finger inside her. She was wet, very wet, and warm and so damn soft. He loved the way she felt wrapped around him and couldn’t wait to do it again, but he wanted to take his time and learn her body, what she liked, what made her wet, made her moan, and most importantly, what made her lose control.

  He added a second finger and slowly pushed them inside her as he watched that familiar blush that he loved so much spread over her beautiful body. Her eyes closed on a moan as her lips parted. In and out, he slowly fucked her with his fingers as he watched her, listened to the way that she moaned, watched as she licked her lips, and nearly growled when she spread her legs a little further to give him better access.

  “Do you have any idea how good you feel, sweetheart?” he asked, kissing her shoulder when he was forced to shift as his cock throbbed painfully, more than willing to show her just how good she felt.

  Moaning, she licked her lips again as she moved her hips, pressing back and trying to ride his fingers. As he continued to tease her, he couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to have her wrapped around his cock again. More than ready to find out, he pressed one last kiss against her shoulder and sat up, shoving his pants off along with his boxers and socks before shifting over her until he was forced to remove his hand when his cock ended up nestled against that heart shaped ass that had starred in the majority of his fantasies.

  “Reese,” Kasey said on a loud moan as she shifted beneath him.

  “What happened to Yummy, sweetheart?” he asked with a groan as the devious woman shifted beneath him again, causing the curve of her ass to caress the underside of his cock.

  Unable to help himself, he rubbed his cock against her as he leaned down and pressed a kiss between her shoulders as he did it again. He continued grinding his cock against her, teasing them both as he kissed his way up to her neck, to her jaw, until finally, he was kissing her.

  Shifting himself on his left arm, he reached down, cupped her hip, held her still and-

  Quickly decided that he was going to have to work his way up to this position thanks to his lack of experience, but that was fine with him, more than fine, because it meant that he was going to have to keep trying. Smiling, he kissed her one last time before pulling back so that he could shift away from her.

  Once he was on his knees, he said, “Sit up, sweetheart.”

  He helped her onto her knees and pulled her back until her back was pressed against his chest. He reached around her and covered one large breast with his hand and he moved his other hand between her legs, found her swollen clit and gently teased it as he pressed himself back against her.

  “Reese,” she said, moaning his name as he released his hold on her breast to reach between them and wrap his hand around his cock with a shaky hand and positioned himself back at her entrance.

  Shifting lower, he pressed his lips against her shoulder as he slowly pushed inside her with a groan. She felt incredible, absolutely fucking incredible. Wrapping his arm back around her, he pushed the rest of the way inside her as he closed his eyes in pleasure.

  So. Fucking. Good.

  “Definitely worth the wait, sweetheart,” he said, groaning when he felt her hand slide over his hip, trying to pull him closer.

  When her hand slid over his where it still rested between her legs, he nearly lost it. Pressing a kiss against her nape, he slid inside her and pulled back, again and again as her hand moved his, using his fingers to tease her clit. Closing his eyes, he pressed another kiss against her shoulder as he shifted his free hand back to her breast.

  He squeezed her breast, teased her nipple, gently pinched it as he struggled for control, but the way she was pushing back against him and moaning his name made that damn near impossible until finally, he gave in.

  He lost control.

  There was no other way to describe it.

  One minute he was taking his time with her, caressing her as he slowly fucked her and the next she was dropping onto the mattress with a gasp. He followed after her, too desperate for her to let her go. Wrapping his arms around her waist he quickened his thrusts, taking her at a new angle that had him grinding his jaw and struggling to make this good for her, but every thrust felt better than the last until finally, he couldn’t hold back anymore and thank god, neither could she.

  With one last hard thrust, he let go.

  Chapter 38

  “You need a bigger tub,” the man that had decided to join her for a bath said with another one of those kisses to her shoulder that she was quickly becoming addicted to as he absently ran his fingers down her arm, making her smile as she closed her eyes and laid there, boneless, and too exhausted to do anything more than enjoy this moment.

  “Probably,” she agreed with a small, satisfied sigh.

  Six. Times.

  They’d made love six times and she had a feeling that they would have made love a seventh time if she hadn’t winced the last time he’d touched her. She was sore, very sore, in places that she’d never been sore before and that was probably why she couldn’t stop smiling.

  Making love with Reese had been incredible and so different from her past that she couldn’t help but smile. Before it had been…


  She’d actually been half-afraid to expect the same from Reese, but he’d proved without a doubt that there was a big difference between having sex with a boy in the back of a pickup truck and being made love to by a man nicknamed Yummy. He’d held her, touched, licked, and kissed her in ways that had left her trembling and wanting to come back for more, which was the reason why she was sitting in this tub at three in the morning.

  “You should have told me sooner,” he said, kissing her cheek, which he seemed to do a lot.

  Not that she was complaining.

  Far from it.

  “Then you would have stopped,” she pointed out with a smile and a wiggle to tease that hard erection she felt pressing up against her back.

  Groaning, he shifted beneath her. “Yes, I would have,” he admitted with a chuckle as he continued to trace a path down her arm.

  For several minutes she just sat there, enjoying his touch, but soon her curiosity got the better of her. She opened her mouth, only to close it with a sigh and a reminder that it was none of her business. It didn’t matter that she was curious and was dying to know the answer, because it wasn’t her secret to tell.

  So, she wasn’t going to ask.

  She was just going to sit here and mind her own damn business, she told herself as she bit her lip to make damn sure that she didn’t ask him that one question that she was dying to know, because it wasn’t any of her business. When that didn’t work, she tried to think about other things, other things that had nothing to do with asking him why he-

  “Just ask,” he said, chuckling.

  She shouldn’t.

  She really shouldn’t, but…

  “I made a choice,” he said, taking pity on her and for that, she would probably bake a cake for him just as soon as her kitchen was done.

  Until then…

  “And what exactly prompted this decision?” she asked, deciding to give him a little help along the way, because that was the polite thing to do in cases like this.

  He pressed a kiss against the back of her head with a heavy sigh and wrapped his arms around her. “Marybeth,” was all he said, and really, that’s all he needed to say, because it wasn’t her business.


  Definitely none of her business, she told herself even as she decided that she’d had enough of this bath. Of course, it had nothing to do with the fact that the man that she’d stupidly fallen in love with was in love with another woman, one if memory served her correctly, was married to his twin brother.

  Yup, definitely had nothing to do with
that, she decided as she moved to climb out of the tub, uncaring if she elbowed the bastard in the process. He’d slept with her when he was in love with another woman?

  Oh, the bastard was so not getting that cake, she thought, accidentally/on purpose, elbowing him. Instead of apologizing and begging for her forgiveness, the bastard simply chuckled as he pulled her back in his arms.

  “Are you going to let me finish before you maim me?” he asked, giving her shoulder another kiss that had her glaring ahead at the faded tile wall.

  “Maybe,” she grumbled with a pout, not really sure that there was anything he could say to make this better, which was just another reminder of why it was important to mind your own damn business. Because, if she had, she wouldn’t be sitting here wishing that she’d just kept her big mouth shut.

  “I wanted what my brother had, but not her. I’ve never been in love with Marybeth. She’s always been the pain in the ass sister
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